Blogging, the art of writing soap operas and Victoria’s Secret . . . . .

Some years ago I heard a talk by the head script writer of Coronation Street. one of the longest running and successful soap operas in the UK. He described the writing of a soap opera script as the ‘art of writing about nothing’. To illustrate this, he pointed out that the legendary ‘Who shot JR ?’ episode of Dallas had pulled a US audience of 90 million, and an enormous world-wide audience with the help of the massive Dallas PR machine. The same week Coronation Street pulled a proportionately larger domestic audience of around 30 million with a story about Alf Roberts bunions (Apparently the episode when Ken Barlow married Deirdre Langton on 27 July 1981, was watched by over 24 million viewers – more ITV viewers than watched the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana two days later.) Bunions 2 Murder 1 The point is that it’s not just the facts but whether we are drawn to them. I have often said that the ‘art of photography’ is ability to take interesting photographs as opposed to taking photos of interesting objects. (Obviously, if the subjects are intrinsically interesting then the result is likely to be even better.)

Similarly with blogs: the ones that are interesting containing interesting information, ideas etc. OR can be an INTERESTING take on a mundane topic.

I’d like to think that what I write is of the latter type: as I don’t live in an exciting world. My life is more bunions than Murder (fortunately neither but you get the point.)

Here’s a blog that I think falls into this category: one I enjoy a lot. Ramblings Today’s post is about the language . . a topic that crops up a lot in blogs that I like, strangely(!) – – anyway she talks about Victoria’s Secret, and . . .  anyway check it out- well worth a read.

To show solidarity, I’ve included below a letter I wrote to the Guardian in 2007 based on a similar theme. Yes- it’s the Pedants Revolt! Well done, Peg! I’m with you!