Marshall Vandruff

Found this interesting piece by Marshall Vandruff where he outlines some ideas about creativity. I especially like the third point, about finding your own ‘voice’.

1-Find how things are similar using metaphor. For example:
A little boy is a monkey.
Apartments are filing cabinets for people.
Fireworks are dandelions.

2-Find things that are different using opposites. For example:
The smoothness of a woman’s skin placed next to the scaliness of an alligator.
The chaos of a crowd placed next to the order of columns on a Greek building.
The bright colors of a rainbow hoovering over a dark and shadowed valley.

3-The more creativity feels like recess, the more likely you will do it well. For
example, if you want to create detailed paintings that are as real as your own flesh, but you cannot sit still for a minute, it will seem like torture for you to create this kind of slow and carefully rendered art. If you find a way to create to fit your jumpy, quick nature, you will love, do it all the time, and eventually become great at it.


The Art of Looking Sideways by Alan Fletcher

I love this book! I have two copies. I’m somewhat obsessive about books, and I like them to be pristine: read but pristine. But this book feels like it needs to be read, scribbled in , and used on a daily basis. So Lesley bought me a copy: ‘this old thing’ as she put it, ‘is to throw in the car, and scribble in.’ It was hard but I’ve written in it (pretty neatly….) and it is still very clean but I’m trying . . . . is a review a wrote of the book for Helium a while ago. You can buy a copy via  Amazon UK or Amazon US