UK English versus US English ?

Last evening, I was talking to an American friend who lives here in Italy and works as a translator. He was in the middle of translating some publicity material from Italian into English, which especially in a language as florid as Italian, is full of . . . . . . . well,

I described them as ‘superfluous superlatives’

He described them as ‘bull shit’

Now obviously, I prefer my own words (I choose them, after all): I think my choice of phrase,  is somewhat (considerably) more elegant and more accurate, rather than simply dismissive.

Some might think his is more direct, and that mine is equally guilty of being too florid!

So is it a matter of UK vs UK culture/language/mentality?

Or is it a matter of age difference? – he is several years younger then me.

Or is it simply a matter of personal taste?


Lesley’s pink trainers . . .

Another piece from the Moleskine Exchange: so you may well have seen the Brian Eno quote before, and you will certainly have witnessed Archie’s appearance. However the collective noun and the trainer are new!!!