How many players?

My lack of knowledge of sport and sporting matters is almost legendary. Interestingly though this seems to exist not only in my waking hours but also at a subconscious level. My mind is so uncontrollably (and unprofitably) busy that I often wake feeling that I have not actually been asleep and resting but rather living a parallel life. These two factors came together last night when in my ‘other life’ I was being asked to play for a football team! However this team was not one of the usual 5 or 11 a side. This team had 8 players per side, a number which even I recognised as abnormal. My quizzical expression received this explanation. ‘It’s like a normal five-a-side team but with three extra wicketkeepers!’


O sleep, O gentle sleep, nature’s soft nurse….. I wish


February Challenge-18: future or ‘life is a jogging machine’

‘Cause I’m worrying about the future now
Or maybe this is it’ from  ‘What a shame about me!’ Becker/Fagen

The future: what to expect? There’s always that contradiction: live for today – Carpe Diem – but always keep that dream: yup, sounds like life is a jogging machine . . . .

Currently doing the rounds on the internet is a sweet little film about a group of Taiwanese men who decide to go motorcycling on a 13 day holiday: the difference is that these guys have an average of 81, one has hearing difficulties, one has cancer, three have heart disease and all five have degenerative arthritis. They prepare for six months and travel from North to South Taiwan. It’s an uplifting story of five determined brave guys, who plan an element of their future, by reliving an episode from their past. I like it.

BUT there is an element of it that doesn’t sit well with me:

  1. It was produced by an advertising agency for their Client; a major bank.
  2. The blurb says that a film crew followed them: does that mean that the agency was in on the idea from the start? if so, then is it a ‘true’ story? If they weren’t in on it, I feel somewhat better in that it is a recreation of true story: that’s OK
  3. Most of all what saddens me is that the story, was either hijacked or (even worse…) invented by an ad-agency for their Client.

Call me cynical but the idea that banks are there to support our dreams, I find a little (?) far-fetched. In my experience of banks, their criteria for deciding on whether to lend (i.e. not give) money is based on how easily it can be repaid or re-couped. That is what banks do:  this imagery portrays a benevolent institution that is there to help you fulfil dreams. Yeah, sure.

Anyway enough of this cynicism, it’s a nice film/story: and my future?

I’ll leave you with some more lyrics, this time for a song of mine called 12 bars Blue

which you can hear on Bandcamp.

I like to drink I will admit
That’s the way I am inclined
Helps look forward to the past
And leave the future far behind
With a couple more beers
I’ll be twelve bars blue.




strange world of dreams . . .

Last night I went to see a band play at Ricomincio da Tre in San Mariano, Corciano:  the Alberto Mommi Quartet. The saxophone is not my favourite instrument mainly because often players – especially, young ones – play overlong solos, with a tone that is harsh. It had forgotten how beautiful Alberto’s alto sounded:  soft and round and gentle. Complimenti!! Great band, too with a very interesting young drummer!!!

Unusually I slept quite well, but as usual I had a vivid dream: last night it involved going out somewhere in Manchester and I had unwisely gone out in my stockinged feet. Calling into a hardware store(!) I discovered  that they sold Converse style baseball boots, which were displayed in a dis-assembled state for some reason. These particular ones were orange and printed on the rubber sides were the words: “The Phil Woods Alliance”   Yes, Phil Woods –  the great alto player – – who frankly, I had not thought of some years, sprang up in my dream. I think Alberto would take it as a compliment!!!