Happy Polling Day

Time to vote. Have I listened to the debates, the arguments, the caterwauling and the promises/lies? As much as is humanly possible, and that isn’t much. Who do I want to win? Labour…. because I hope/believe that they are probably going to govern in a way that goes along with my beliefs. And that’s probably more based on my past experience, than anything specific I have heard during the campaign. I liked a Labour leader with beliefs and no dress sense….. pass me the duffle coat, Mikey. At a local level, the weather forecast is mild, therefore chances of hell freezing over or Labour winning are equally unlikely. So it is a tactical vote then. But it leaves me feeling a little uncomfortable that a party I am voting for as the lesser of two evils believes that I support it, whereas the one I have traditionally supported ‘sees’ I am not voting for them. Is there a way of adding an addendum saying – ‘by the way, this vote is not FOR you, but against THEM!’?
Happy Polling Day!