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the world of pedantry . . .

Or as my mate Les says:-

The Pedant’s Revolt led by Which Tyler


February Challenge -8: Dream House

This was/is my dream house: what do you mean? Mad!?!

Well probably:  that was what my Dad thought.

Shame he never saw it completely finished. This is me Lesley and Archie

This is part of the lounge, and my studio.


Yard-o-Led nostalgia


anniversary . . .

I can’t remember the day of my graduation . .  nor the day I got my a-levels . . but I remember that on 23 January 1969 I passed my driving test.

The examiner said  ‘I think I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, Mr Jones…..’

I said ‘Thank you’, mentally adding ‘ . . . you patronizing tosspot . . . .’

‘How did you get on?’ said my father .

‘I’ve passed’ I replied pleased, but a little pissed off with the examiner.

‘Now you can learn to drive’ said my father.

Yeah . . . thanks, again . . . .