Sketching Thoughts

February Challenge-23: Change part 1

I’ve decided to leave this one only as hand-written  . . . as nature intended, maybe? I’d be very interested to hear whether people found it legible . . .or not . . . .

The lunch referred to is the same as that featured in the previous post: Postcard to Anna and Pietro…… yes it was that good . . . .


February Challenge -16: Past

A simple response to this one. re NOSTALGIA

Me: I’ve just seen some graffiti that made me laugh….

Mother: oh, yes?

Me: It read ‘ Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be . . . . .’

Mother (thoughtfully): I don’t suppose it is, really . . . .


February challenge

Dolly over at  Journal-addict is organising a February daily challenge. I was travelling all day Tuesday, collapsed all day yesterday and so these are my entries so far: