R.I.P. Jim Marshall

Clapton, Hendrix, Kossoff (yeah, the best . . . .) and all their successors owe it to the man…

This is me with the only Marshall I’ve ever owned . . . a few years ago at The Squat, in Manchester…..

P.S I ever find the bastard who stole that 1969 Thinline— serial Number 226445— that’s Rusholme/Didsbury if you’re wondering how I can remember it to this day…… and the fact that I loved that guitar…..

Journal Sketching Thoughts

Bumper bench . . . . . . (Bumper=fender)

The  other day I took a walk around Citta della Pieve whilst Lesley was having Italian lessons. A lovely town with lots of history…. but as usual what took my eye wasn’t the architecture, etc. . . but this . . . . .