A good end to a bad day . .

A technological nightmare. My MacBook Air is displaying an intermittent fault, and it would appear that the Apple support team have no idea of what ‘intermittent’ means. If you understand the concept of an intermittent fault you would realise that any change may have an effect on the problem or it may just not have happened. Enough . . . . you see how easily I was drawn into the minutiae of technology and I have only touched on the issue(s) ?

So I reverted to technology that was under my control. I wrote a cheque and a letter with a fountain pen. I placed the items in an envelope and then with a final flourish sealed the envelope. A job completed in a satisfactory and satisfying manner. It required no PIN or 8 character password containing a Cyrillic symbol and a veiled reference to Checkov. I poured myself a glass of Primitivo and sat back to listen to Bill Evans.