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The sun of the South . . .

Expecting it to be a little warmer in Calabria, we took a slightly lighter ‘wardrobe’ than is customary in a Umbria December. Unfortunately I didn’t know that we were playing outdoors! So the debut of Mr ‘Michelin Man’ Jones.


What time is it ?

Just returned home from a gig at Tymory- a ‘pub’ in Bettolle. GREAT night!

We hit the stage running as they say – -the place absolutely packed- yes on a Wednesday . . . and had a great time . . . and the audience loved it . . . return gig already booked. 🙂

Roberto Neri the guy who owns it is lovely- he can’t do too much for us— we ate and drank, played, played some more and then did a third short encore set… and then ate and drank. Fantastic evening. And now it’s 4.33 am and I still am not ready to sleep. . . . .


the first time . . . .

It is late one Sunday evening, and the young man has had a new experience … he has touched a guitar for the first time earlier that day. Several hours later, he is still excited about it, when a voice starts to intrude into  his thoughts.

‘This is a drug’

He closes his eyes tightly, trying to shut out the voice.

‘You will never master it to your satisfaction, nor will you ever be able to be free of it.’

He tosses and turns irritated by the words.

‘You may earn money with a guitar in your hands, but it will never be enough to satisfy the yearnings which it will inevitably create.’

He sits up in bed

‘And even when you have reached the age that dare not speak its name… when you have lived one year for every minute in an hour,  you will still be prepared to travel many miles to perform just for a pittance and the momentary pleasure it will give you.

The young man opens his eyes, and smiles to himself.

Yes, you’re damn right I will !!!!


First post-therapy gig . . . .

So after two months of NO GIGS or Rehearsals: I was really looking forward to tonight. Since Guido the bass player is in Germany we did rehearsals with Alessandro a great keyboard player: three two hour rehearsals left me exhausted but ready and keen. But today it started snowing: we checked with the venue an hour before leaving and it all looked clear….. yeah it was,  however when we were half way along the superstrada heading west : some flares and two stern carabinieri diverted everybody off the motorway onto the significantly more treacherous side roads. Deciding to stop to check the map, we slithered to a halt, and were joined by a GINORMOUS TRUCK which slithered to a threatening position along side us. Having done a few too many tail wiggles on the way to the gig: my fear/hope was that it would not happen.   We agreed to set a different date, and set off hoping to find the superstrada open heading eastwards. NO! They sent us all off on the same damn exit, but this time we had to climb a steep hill with the car wiggling its arse like a gogo dancer – for those of us who can remember those. Mamma mia!!

So eventually after 3 hours of tense driving in which we covered about 50 miles we got home to a chilled beer and warm soup……

Yes life is back to normal . ..  my ‘normal’ that is….


Back on the road . . . .

Me,  Guido Petrella – bass and Gianluca ‘Brioche’ Meconcelli – drums: weather not very friendly but the gig went really well!! Please note post-gig scribbles…. seems to have become a habit……