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Oval Glasses . . . .


February Challenge -11: Five senses

Five senses? these are mine . .

A sense of rhythm

I love music; playing it and listening to it. I have been playing the guitar for about 43 years, not continuously, as I needed some respite in order to make a living, eat and occasionally sleep. One of the things I pride myself on, rightly or wrongly, is my sense of rhythm: honed to a (reasonably) fine art via a weekly big-band gig for several years, laying down the ‘Freddie Green thang’! Many young guitarists, especially here in Italy, are technically fantastic especially when it comes to soloing, but they have much less idea how to accompany, and how to lay down a groove. One of my favourite moments was playing a gig in Verona. I played an intro of three notes, and Lorenz Zadro, who was on stage with me, – a lovely guy and a great guitar player,- just shouted: ‘Yeah!’ He heard the groove and was there with me! A knock out!

A sense of fairness

One of the things that sets us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom is the ability to ‘put ourselves in someone else’s shoes’ Archie (my cat) doesn’t feel any sense of pity or guilt when he tortures a mouse to death and then eats it. It’s what they do. Humans have been given(?) or have evolved to a point where they can put themselves in the other person’s position. Obviously we don’t put this ability into practice in terms of the animal kingdom… otherwise how could we go glassy eyed when seeing young lambs and then confront the idea that we’d eaten their second cousin with mint sauce at lunch?!?? Anyway, let’s put it into practice with fellow human beings at least: is that too much to ask?

A sense of responsibility

Responsibility is a bizarre one: people will proudly say they have brought up a child and he/she has been a ‘success’, but if they are NOT a success, their response is: ‘I don’t know what went wrong’ rather than examining what went wrong.

In reality, people are more prepared to take credit than responsibility . . . . .

A sense of humour

I think we all need a sense of humour, and I think, in general, it is a sign of intelligence, in that the more sophisticated sense of humour reflects a higher intellectual ability.

A sense of the absurd

I still see things in a ….well, let’s be fair, a childlike way: and I’m proud of that: (back to the February  grown up prompt) I still ask Why? and How? and often the questions are a little absurd:

Why do dentists have perfect teeth? whilst opticians nearly always wear glasses?

Why are invisible and visible opposites but invaluable means extremely valuable?

So those are my five senses: rhythm, fairness, responsibiity, humour, and a sense of the absurd.


multiple objects……

Danny Gregory, amongst many other ideas, suggests drawing lots of types of the same ‘thing’  I started in the previous post with spoons: here with glasses, which also alludes to  RJ’s Inverse Law of Cost: the life of a product is inversely proportional to its cost: the more you spend, the shorter the length of time they last…….