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Rowland Jones Band at Panicale

Another great night! The piazza was full – lots of fun and Gianluca and Guido were brimful of energy!!!rjbpanicale001 rjbpanicale002

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Notte Blu at Chiusi – at Caffe Venezia

Another great evening – a musical first for me – I’ve never had my  drummer arrested by men in Medieval chainmail for apparently maliciously playing South American music! Stefano was on top form – – improvised an obscene blues, and played half of a bass solo—-the right hand!   chionco001 chionco002Notte Blue at Chiusi

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Torrita Blues

A great evening – we played well, I reckon, and the audience liked, too!torrita013


A bit of live music . . .

I though I’d like to post some video this year so here’s the first of a few clips:

my band live at Tymory…. me on guitar, Guido Pietrella on bass and Gianluca Meconcelli on drums. This is called Blues for David – or Tik aah tik bo do bop- Tik aah bo do bo

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Rowland Jones Band at Ricomincio da Tre

It was a good night as ever at Ricomincio with a great welcome from Fabio, Fausto, Teresa and the regulars . .but I have to admit we have played better…. or maybe I mean I have played better . . .