Tip of the day!

Anyway here’s what happened yesterday. I had seen an image filter for the iPhone which looked like it might be useful for a particular project. It was offering a 3 day free trial. After a bit of thought, the annual cost of £24.99 seemed a lot for how often I would use it, after this project. So I cancelled it, allowing me to still use the app for three days. I immediately got a message saying: ‘What about this for an offer? £9.99 for a year’s subscription!’ So I got 60% discount. I might still cancel it after two days, but next time you see a free trial this might be worth a try!

I am constantly amazed at how services are priced on the internet. ‘Today we’re giving massive discounts! Our series of webinars on ‘How to make your fortune on the internet’ normally costs $2400 but for 24 hours you can buy it for $9.99′ Who says they are worth $2400 ?