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Early morning coffee . . .


Journal Sketching Thoughts

Slurping pens? Sucking pens?

I always feel a little self conscious about sketching the instruments I draw with — seems somehow incestuous (I avoided the alternative description . . . as there may be little ones reading) BUT everybody else does it and I will too!

But a question: why are they called fountain pens: surely the last thing you want is a deluge of ink shooting out from your nib?! (That was close— there but for a vowel movement, there could have been an unacceptable innuendo . . .)

Anyway shouldn’t they be called ‘suction pens’? Or  ‘slurping pens’ ? Nibbed pens? . . . . .  ah well, maybe not.

These are fountain pens . . .


Where the blues started for me . . . .

One of the great albums! I still have my original MONO copy in a frame! Clapton, has never played the blues better than his solo on ‘Have you heard?’ I wrote a song dedicated to this album called ‘Fell in love with the Blues’: you can hear it on Bandcamp. Hope you like it . . .