Mum’s 97th Birthday



mum97013I published this photo on Facebook and got over 100 likes . . I try to write ‘erudite and amusing’ and there’s never a reaction like that!



I’d like to thank . . .

inspiring-bloggerMy friend CT over at Drinks well with others has nominated me for this, for which I thank him and which one day I hope to be able to celebrate with him in person.

Apprently I now have to:

1. Display the Award Certificate on your website. 

2. Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented your award.

3- Present this award to 15 other deserving bloggers.

4- Let my nominees know they have been summoned.

5- List 7 interesting things about me.

Well I think I’ve done number 2 so I now have to work out how to complete my allotted tasks – -‘Your mission  . . .  ‘ fade in dramatic music


The cure for insomnia……

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what a difference a vowel makes . . .

I read this today.

‘I am looking for someone to create a artistically appalling web sight’

The use of the wrong word for ‘site’ is funny enough— but that typo and the lack of that single vowel is priceless . . . .


The Kafka-esque pain that is ‘virtual castration’ . . . .

I experienced a strange emotion in the last 24 hours— virtual castration . . .

First the mail forwarding on this blog ceased working. I checked the registering  company’s FAQ’s and contacted their support desk and they replied reasonably quickly. I did as they suggested then : the good news . . .and the bad news.

Mail forwarding now OK! Phew . . . .  BUT

Web forwarding not working so I am informed by technically competent friend—- doesn’t work in Explorer or Google Chrome. I sent message to WP support. I checked it on Safari and Firefox –  seesm ok; empty cache and still seems OK.


So I had to go out but after lunch I reset everything as far as I could make out . . . .  and it all seems to be working again . . . .   But the severity of panic was more frightening than the problem – – cut off from the ‘virtual world’ . . . I must get out more . . . .