Spoiled their party ? ! ? !

You may have noticed that there was a football match yesterday – but being neither a football fan nor English – it doesn’t affect me much, though after ten years living in Italy I was happy with the result. However what I did find irritating was the way in which the media handled the event as ‘something of importance to ALL of us’ which was ’uniting us in this difficult time’ Really ?! Leaving aside that grossly inaccurate assumption, to read on the BBC site an article by Phil McNulty Chief Football Writer with the headline ‘as Italy spoil ‘coming home’ party’ was spectacularly wrong. A party is normally held to celebrate something that has been achieved, NOT something that is simply ‘a hope’. ‘Spoiled our party’ sounded like a small child, with a pouty lip, whingeing ‘It’s not fair…..’

Italy won. England did not.

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Does anybody remember a film called something like ‘La bella Macchina’ about an Italian family in London and the story of their coffee machine?