Nonna Betta- exploring the ghetto.

Jewish Italian cuisine- can you imagine the combination of two cultures more likely to produce  excellent food? To be recommended.


A (short) Roman holiday . . . lunch

Having satisfied our cultural appetites (an hour or so) …. it was time for lunch (an hour or two….)

We wanted to eat in the old Jewish quarter-

Il Giggetto is:

  1. famous
  2. therefore, probably too expensive- for us anyway, and
  3. fortunately closed.

BUT GOOD NEWS- they have a trattoria opposite which was FANTASTIC- we had artichokes with added artichokes and veal and good house wine— excellent!

So we’ll go back and maybe try the original one for a special occasion . . . .

Journal Thoughts

Liz Taylor 1932-2011

A few Taylor related facts:

She signed her first film contract in 1941.

She converted to Judaism when married to her first husband Mike Todd (born Avrom Goldbogen)

She often argued about being Jewish with Richard Burton who claimed that he (as a Welshman) saw the Welsh as the ‘Jews of Britain’. Though (as a Welshman) I see what he’s getting at: having a separate identity under a national banner BUT he was somewhat ignoring the fact that there were already the Jews of Britain. . . .

Taylor insisted that Cleopatra was filmed in the system her late husband had patented Todd-AO ( a.k.a. Goldbogen-AO? ) to which she owned the rights, this adding to her already massive fee of $1 million.