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During our soundcheck at Baschi, Lesley went to take some pics. I like these a  lot! My favourite student!!ljpics004


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to you all!

Thought some of you might be interested in Lesley’s new venture over on Etsy

Est! Est! Est!To begin with Lesley’s offering the possibility of receiving real mail that doesn’t come in envelopes with windows in, and doesn’t involve someone trying to sell you something you don’t need – at a bargain price.

Nope, we’re talking illustrated letters about life in Italy – the culture, the food the wine, the wonderful and the idiosyncratic!!

There’s also the Foodie Letters– I’m sure it’ll come as no surprise that we’re kinda foodies….. Not food snobs…. But people who like cooking and eating good food. The Foodie letters are recipes that we’ve discovered, been given, and always road-tested.



A summer’s evening . . . beer and citronella candles


February Challenge -19: Out of a dream

I dream regularly and intensely. Lesley’s first words in the morning, on seeing my haggard expression, are often: ‘How was it on planet Rowland last night?’

I sometimes feel that I lead two equally exhausting lives. Sometimes they collide.

Once I dreamt that I was consoling and trying to calm a young boy who was possessed and moaning horribly…..

Half awake, I was explaining the dream to Lesley, when I heard that same dreadful sound…..

…. which I then realised was our neighbour snoring!

Strangely, one of the recurring themes in my dreams is ‘unfinished work’: homework, thesis, project . . .  so I’d better get back to work, as I’d like to sleep tonight!


My wife and Isaac Newton . . .

For Lesley, the apple and therefore the penny never dropped. This came to light during the preparations for incarceration . . or travelling with Ryanair as it is euphemistically referred to.  Their draconian fee structure means that at the whim of one of their hench persons, you can be charged for being overweight….. ‘luggage wise’ that is…. though I suspect that O’Leary’s boffins are already working on a means of ‘svelte’ monitoring!

Anyway, presumably with the aid of several sturdy friends, ‘our’ bag has been stuffed to within 17 mg. of the allowance. At this point I tentatively asked: ‘Is there more to go in?’ She uttered the immortal words ‘Just my face cream…..’

I put it to you, Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury: what is the consensual concept of ‘face cream’? One could imagine a small pastel-coloured jar containing  an even smaller amount of delicate balm marketed at a price that could keep a family of five happy for several weeks. OR a large but durable plastic bottle containing a large quantity of economical everyday facial gunk. No. I was totally unaware that in this case context ‘face cream’ is a collective noun for a number of items including a range of lotions to cleanse and soften together with an appropriate means of application.

Ah well, no problem to survive with only one pair of shoes and a spare pair of jeans to last me the week. BUT I have to conclude that changing the description of items is as likely to reduce their weight as me changing my name to Mr. Third World Country, would write off my debts…….