R.I.P. Jim Marshall

Clapton, Hendrix, Kossoff (yeah, the best . . . .) and all their successors owe it to the man…

This is me with the only Marshall I’ve ever owned . . . a few years ago at The Squat, in Manchester…..

P.S I ever find the bastard who stole that 1969 Thinline— serial Number 226445— that’s Rusholme/Didsbury if you’re wondering how I can remember it to this day…… and the fact that I loved that guitar…..

Sketching Thoughts

Bratislava -5: More art in Vienna and a Les Paul in a concrete block

The Museum square is just what it says: and here we found this interesting exhibition, which a contained a Les Paul in a concrete block, and three dimensional room set with hi-fi speakers!!!

MOMUK was worth seeing, a huge grey block which somehow or other doesn’t look out of place alongside the older buildings. Interesting exhibition of Hyper Realism, and this wonderful quote from Andy Warhol: “For every large painitng I do, I paint a blank canvas the same colour. The two are designed to hang together. It just makes them bigger, and mainly makes them cost more.’ Excellent!