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Bags, three-dimensional mathematics and the Mobius Loop

Being unfamiliar with the term Mobius loop, Lesley was intrigued by my demonstration of the idea with a piece of paper and some sticky tape. When I quoted the description as it being ‘ a chiral object  and a developable surface as it has zero Gaussian curvature.’ She agreed wholeheartedly . . . though I had no idea what it meant . . it’s amazing what level of insight two beers and a glass of prosecco can achieve . .  . .

Italy-Italia Journal Language Thoughts

Equals = tidy!!


Just when I though I’d discovered something really unusual that the Welsh had invented, it turns the Italians MAY be able to claim ownership. Ah well, I am at least Italian ‘per scelta’ !!



proof that girls are evil……

Mathematically sound . . . .  if a little sad . . . . .