More live groovin’ . . .

It’s New Year’s Eve and it’s minus 3… do we care…. clearly not….

Our take on ‘Rock me Baby’


Sturm, Hendrix, Tango and New Year’s Eve . . .

Having spend the last day or so recovering, I am now in a fit state to catch up with a few posts . . . .

30th Dec I was invited to sit in with a Hendrix Tribute Band– great fun! This was a band that went up to 11! – for those of you don’t get the reference and surely there can only be a handful– then check out ‘This is Spinal Tap’ a wonderful  film.

The following night, New Year’s Eve was wonderful – I was a little concerned since it was minus 2 at the soundcheck and Giacomo- the bass player – observed with some dis-belief that his hands did not appear to be moving . . . .

The tango trio were brilliant – but played quite a short set as I think hypothermia was setting in for the dancers and Mario – the sax player was playing an instrument, that was approaching absolute zero to the touch. However things seemed to warm up– or at least, get less cold. We played until about 2.30 am  – – it’s amazing what a lot of adrenalin and a little alcohol will achieve– or was it the other way round….. anyway a great way to spend the New Year’s Eve- on stage playing my socks off with some great friends who are also great musicians, with a piazza full of people dancing.

you can see a video clip here

Italy-Italia Journal Music Thoughts

Rowland Jones Band at Festa del Uva, Panicale


Transfusion Trio with special guest: Rowland Jones . . . wow!! that’ll be me, then…. :-)

Yup it was great night: – amps sodden, instruments sodden, us sodden but we gave it 150%  YEAH!!! If you’d like to see more of Lesley’s pics and a cracking video clip of the band in full flow, click here on Facebook or the video is also on Vimeo. Hope you enjoy it- we certainly did!!