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If not for me . . . .

This is a great book – beautifully written. And it inspired me to write this song.

‘If not for me…..’

on the album

‘New Start, New Day’ by Rowland Jones

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My (mini) studio . . .

Fortunately did not awake to the sound of broken wood and strings this morning …


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The sun of the South . . .

Expecting it to be a little warmer in Calabria, we took a slightly lighter ‘wardrobe’ than is customary in a Umbria December. Unfortunately I didn’t know that we were playing outdoors! So the debut of Mr ‘Michelin Man’ Jones.

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Festa dell’Uva @ Chiusi

So suddenly out of the blue, Valerio calls me about doing a gig for this festa.  He used to run a bar in the village when I lived here first time around.


It was a great night  and we launched a newly arranged/written tune ‘Two steps back’

Very pleased with it.

Ironically a few days after speaking to Valerio, this poster fell out of a book… one of the first gigs I did in Italy when Valerio had the bar in the village!!!

I think it would have been 9th April 1999 . . .  I reckon



Warm evening & cool blues ?

Actually, no. A cold wet evening with some ‘hot blues’ (he said modestly…) until the cold meant we were no longer able to play as frostbite set in…but a fun night anyway.monteleone