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Slurping pens? Sucking pens?

I always feel a little self conscious about sketching the instruments I draw with — seems somehow incestuous (I avoided the alternative description . . . as there may be little ones reading) BUT everybody else does it and I will too!

But a question: why are they called fountain pens: surely the last thing you want is a deluge of ink shooting out from your nib?! (That was close— there but for a vowel movement, there could have been an unacceptable innuendo . . .)

Anyway shouldn’t they be called ‘suction pens’? Or  ‘slurping pens’ ? Nibbed pens? . . . . .  ah well, maybe not.

These are fountain pens . . .

Sketching Thoughts

February Challenge-22: Colours


February Challenge-21: Mystique

It’s carnevale time here in Italy! (And I believe somewhere in Brazil……)

So the masks are out!! The ultimate mystery – a masked ball; the wild party before forty days of frugality!

This was designed by Sans Souci Studios in Vermont.

It was drawn with my Noodler’s Creaper, using Australian Roses in Black Swan ink, also from Noodler’s. The black is a Pigma Micron.