Another fine pear . . .

It’s an old gag, but what the hell. . .

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More comparisons . .

This was the quickest, and I think, it’s my favourite – – Just a Pentel Japanese Brush Pen.

Then another attempt in colour .

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Another of these comparisons . . .

It didn’t start out as a comparison table- I just got bored with waiting for the watercolours to dry so I started on other versions of the same objects . . . the original was this, with water colours and a Copic Fineliner. I’ve been using these Pentel colour brush pens for a while,,but this time I used Koh-i-Noor pans.

The idea was to draw/sketch larger – so from a Moleskine to a sheet bigger than A3 –unfortunately the image only sort of doubled in size…..

So I started this whilst the first -‘coat’ was drying. This was done Faber-Castell Pitt artist pens, for the colour and Copic for the black outline.

Journal Sketching

Pentel featured artist

I don’t often feature stuff in this blog that isn’t in my journals, but I ‘m quite pleased with this.

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Still life? . . there certainly is

I recently tried to use Google to  translate a description: it translated ‘still life’ into Italian in the sense of ‘There is still life’ -ironic, since in Italian the phrase is ‘natura morta’‘dead nature’ !