. . . well, doctor

And I thought I had a pen addiction problem . . . .

Journal Sketching


I am a luggage junkie: I have many bags of different sizes: this is a small cheap bag I bought in Siena. Just before going to Bratislava I decided I could deal with this holding a Moleskine,  a Pilot G-Tec and a pencil. The day before we left, the hooks on the strap snapped………

PS please ignore the date as I appear to have not yet drawn this……


A new start ….. yes, another one

I started this blog, about 15 months ago: and did absolutely nothing with it…..

So off we go….again

RAM is about my journals…. straight and simple.
If you want to read more about why I think ‘pen & paper’ are important then have a look at ‘What is RAM?’ page.

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