M & M- massive sculptures + Nadar photgraphs,

Yesterday was a Museum Day in Florence: Established by Marino Marini whose wife was called Marina!!! Was it a deed poll marriage? Or did he seek her out? Anyway, a fantastic deconsecrated church setting: massive sculptures.

The Nadar exhibition was a special: great portraits and good seeing portraits of people who you knew (of)…. Dumas looks a laugh . .  Zola much less so . . Verne looks like a nice bloke… and Sarah Bernhardt is extremely sexy in a 19th century sort of way . .

It was tied in with other contemporary, or recent photographs: very inventive work by Aurore Valade, a young French woman.

And some lovely fashion photography from the 50’s 60’s . . including this beautiful shot of Judy Dent by Frank Horvat for Vogue.