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Sleeping and sneezing

So there I was having my daily radiotherapy, which as you can imagine is a precise operation, when I suddenly thought; ‘What happens if I sneeze?’

And then I thought ‘But can you sneeze when you’re lying down?’

I can’t ever remember sneezing when I was lying down.

Nor being woken up by having to sneeze.

Anybody got any ideas?


2001 . . . . and radiotherapy

I went for my first radiotherapy treatment yesterday . . . . . . lots of whirring and buzzing of gleaming white hi-tech machinery . . very-Kubrick.  But no pain…….then they noticed that my latest blood-tests indicate industrial levels of glucose….. I THINK they’re not sure whether to treat me for diabetes or simply cut me into small cubes to be placed in the coffee bar…..

So more blood tests today . . . . another armful . . .

UPDATE: Doctor says that Glucose level is normal today…. must have o.d.’d on the Snickers Ice Creams that day . . . . . . .


The far side . . . . . .

Just got back from the hospital, after meeting with the Radiotherapy
people. It looks like it will be the end of October/beginning of Nov.
for the treatment, which I’m not looking forward to at all, though unlikely
to have long term side effects…. but there might be some quite
unpleasant ones during the month. And it will require some more
recuperation afterwards. . .  so another few months missing from
2010….. but hopefully will be a bit better by Xmas.

Have to go for several visits beforehand …. for ‘setting up’ this
involves tattooing a target on my lower regions: I asked for another
Popeye style on my arm…. but they declined.  (reminded me of the
Gary Larson cartoon attached below)… you have to laugh…. there’s
no other bloody alternative.



My Italian is pretty good but every now and then I still get it wrong, REALLY wrong…..

Last evening I was talking to friend who has had a similar operation. He asked how I was. I said I felt OK , and was a bit more active as I’d started rehearsing with the band again. He asked if I had ‘started the radio‘. As we were talking about music, I assumed he was talking about my radio programme. No; he was talking about the radio therapy I’m due to start! When I realised this, I explained the misunderstanding:he barely reacted. I suspect he was still puzzling over why I should have been ‘off-air due to problems with the sponsorship’ . . probably wondering whether I actually got paid to do radiotherapy………