Right then . . .

So what’s it to be this year, eh?

  • To get the band ‘Rowland Jones and contaminated blues‘  gigging!
  • To use the computer less, but more efficiently. So my plan is rather than posting everyday, I want to put three posts a week: one based on sketches, one on my writing,  and one for my Italian site: So always ‘good stuff’ not just ticking the box of a ‘daily post’
  • To complete ‘My Imaginary Lives’ and consider self-publishing or some other route to get it ‘out there’ … wherever that is…..
  • To finish my musical ‘Johnny Swing’
  • return to walking regularly with Sergio.

Think that’s enough to be going on with . . . .


New Year’s Resolutions

So here I am on the eve of a New Year and, significantly for me, the year when I will achieve/celebrate the birthday that dare not speak its name . . . . . . aargh! A year during which jokes about my age will NOT be appreciated ….. just remember: everybody who feels smugly younger will eventually be that old…. if they’re lucky….. and once you’re over about twenty-three there’s ALWAYS somebody who thinks you’re old…..

But anyway resolutions: to begin with if you find you’re writing the same thing that you have written for the last 1/2/8/26 years (delete as applicable) are you REALLY likely to change? Maybe you’re aiming too high. So some suggestions, relating to artistic aspirations, and lifestyle  decisions:

Planning to start writing 1000 words a week? Why not consider the more achievable goal of one decent sentence a week? Or turn to the classic (and short) haiku.

Planning a more active outdoor life: begin by buying some hiking boots, opening a window, and breathing deeply: then reward yourself with a beer.

Planning to lose weight? buy a more accurate weighing scale so you can see whatever minuscule increments you achieve. Also try plotting your ‘weight loss’ graph in grammes rather than pounds.

So just a couple of ideas: and if there’s one I’m planning to do is this:

decide on achievable goal . . .. and then halve it..

Happy New Year, my friends!!