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New Week’s Resolution . . . . . Wednesday

So for Wednesday

1. N/A- but managed my 1.5 litres of water

2. In bed by midnight- despite having started to watch ‘Deadwood’- it’s compulsive watching – and Ian McShane is excellent!

3. Being invited to lunch at Piero’s house , with Luigi and Chiara- put the stop to this one – Luigi is a chef and with Piero runs an organic food smallholding. Therefore an excellent lunch: polenta with gorgonzola in it with salsiccia and spinach . . . . followed by a sleep . . .

4. Did something: ate and slept….actually also did some serious drawing: and  continued with my digital B&W (see pics below) with freezing cold hands.

5. The heavy snowfall (see pics below) precluded a brisk walk but I still did a lap of the village.So just about on track.

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Porchetta, pancetta e Alpini

Sketching Thoughts

February Challenge-23: Change part 1

I’ve decided to leave this one only as hand-written  . . . as nature intended, maybe? I’d be very interested to hear whether people found it legible . . .or not . . . .

The lunch referred to is the same as that featured in the previous post: Postcard to Anna and Pietro…… yes it was that good . . . .


Sunday lunch at Trevi

Great lunch . . I could have done the ‘taster’ lunch in the square… but I don’t like eating food off plastic plates and drinking wine out of plastic cups  . . . . all whilst standing up. This was much more civilised. The new oil, which is very early, was spectacular, and the salsiccia, and  . . . . .  everything was just right!!!