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February Challenge -12: Immortality

I suspect that the most frequent use of immortal in English is in the phrase: in the immortal words of . . . . .

So in that vein here are a few phrases that friends of mine have spoken: phrases that made me laugh and made me proud to have them as friends!

1. My flatmate, Larry Bunt had been in a car crash and had damaged his wrist. Whilst in hospital, he successfully pulled off one of the oldest gags in the world.

Larry: Nurse will I be able to play the violin after this accident?

Nurse (reassuringly):  Of course, you will!

Larry: That’s strange: I couldn’t play it before . . . . .

2. Myself and my housemates were in the pub and we’d been joined by some woman who was trying to show how liberated she was(!) by uttering a phrase.

Woman: You can’t run away from sex, you know!!!

Ger replied laconically: If it’s any good, you can barely crawl…….

3. A few challenges ago, I mentioned my dear friend Mike Penn, who died of Non-Hodgkin’s disease. Some years later I met Steve (Mike’s partners nephew) who told me this story.

Mike was very close to the end. In the hospital bed alongside him ,a man in great pain was repeatedly moaning oh, oh, oh, oh . . . . in a strangely familiar  rhythm.  Mike looked at Steve and began singing in a falsetto voice, the BeeGees hit:  Staying alive, Staying alive . Wonderful. I still miss you, Mike.

Thank you, my friends, for those immortal words