Sketching Thoughts

Bratislava – 1: Goulash and beer

After a reasonable flight, no children, no shouty-people nearby and seats by the emergency exit with extra leg room….., we arrive in Bratislava and are surprised to see snow, though knowing the temperature we should have known really …… So we get on the bus, and drag our bag through the snow until we see a suitable eatery, i.e. one close by. We strike pay-dirt, and are served hot goulash in metal bowls, whilst thawing out near the wood-burning stove ( and drinking fine Slovakian beer)

We check into the hotel, and head for the microbrewery which we happened to know was next door. It became our local for our short stay.



Moleskine, good excellent beer, lovely city: what more could you want?

Yours truly, follows Hemingway’s rule: Write drunk; edit sober. (well the first part anyway)

It was however a bit colder than we expected, fortunately the food was excellent, cheap and rib-sticking central heating!!

I know it’s mis-spelled but I just had to……

This chap played the Slovakian pipe: it sounded wonderful in the square. However I avoided the potential mistake of thinking I’d play a CD of it at home…. like buying Raki in Turkey and thinking it wold taste as good in Manchester as it it did in the balmy Mediterranean