Xmas arrives . . .

Yes the festive season is with us. Why do I say this?

The street decorations are already up!

The shops are full of seasonal stuff?

Nope it’s because snow has arrived on WordPress!


Humour Humor Journal Life Thoughts

New Week’s Resolution . . . . . Thursday

So for Thursday

1. N/A- but managed my 1.5 litres of water

2. In bed by 11.55 despite watching ‘Deadwood’- restricted myself to one episode

3. Only Water and Apple Juice with lunch – fresh Ciabatta, two types of Pecorino and a Granny Smith- prepared by candlelight–see pic below

4. see above list

5. The heavy snowfall – now frozen solid again precluded  a brisk walk but spent 45 mins shoveling snow.

So still on track….

Humour Humor Journal Life Thoughts

New Week’s Resolution . . . . . Wednesday

So for Wednesday

1. N/A- but managed my 1.5 litres of water

2. In bed by midnight- despite having started to watch ‘Deadwood’- it’s compulsive watching – and Ian McShane is excellent!

3. Being invited to lunch at Piero’s house , with Luigi and Chiara- put the stop to this one – Luigi is a chef and with Piero runs an organic food smallholding. Therefore an excellent lunch: polenta with gorgonzola in it with salsiccia and spinach . . . . followed by a sleep . . .

4. Did something: ate and slept….actually also did some serious drawing: and  continued with my digital B&W (see pics below) with freezing cold hands.

5. The heavy snowfall (see pics below) precluded a brisk walk but I still did a lap of the village.So just about on track.


Only in Italy

The morning after  my ‘First post therapy gig’ fiasco the main/only topic of conversation in the bar was the chaos created by the heavy snowfall. Italy and the rest of Europe had ground to a halt. On the Firenze-Bologna autostrada there were people stuck in their trucks and cars for up to 17 hours. However one truck driver who was carrying Prosecco and Panettone, a very traditional Xmas combination; sparkling wine and cake. He decided that he needed to eat and drink and shared his cargo with others stuck in the same snowbound situation!

I think us Brits would have starved to death, whereas this enterprising Italian simply made the best of the situation. Excellent!


First post-therapy gig . . . .

So after two months of NO GIGS or Rehearsals: I was really looking forward to tonight. Since Guido the bass player is in Germany we did rehearsals with Alessandro a great keyboard player: three two hour rehearsals left me exhausted but ready and keen. But today it started snowing: we checked with the venue an hour before leaving and it all looked clear….. yeah it was,  however when we were half way along the superstrada heading west : some flares and two stern carabinieri diverted everybody off the motorway onto the significantly more treacherous side roads. Deciding to stop to check the map, we slithered to a halt, and were joined by a GINORMOUS TRUCK which slithered to a threatening position along side us. Having done a few too many tail wiggles on the way to the gig: my fear/hope was that it would not happen.   We agreed to set a different date, and set off hoping to find the superstrada open heading eastwards. NO! They sent us all off on the same damn exit, but this time we had to climb a steep hill with the car wiggling its arse like a gogo dancer – for those of us who can remember those. Mamma mia!!

So eventually after 3 hours of tense driving in which we covered about 50 miles we got home to a chilled beer and warm soup……

Yes life is back to normal . ..  my ‘normal’ that is….