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If not for me . . . .

This is a great book – beautifully written. And it inspired me to write this song.

‘If not for me…..’

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‘New Start, New Day’ by Rowland Jones

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. . . on being ‘original’

This thing about spotting similarities is also a problem when I’m saying watching TV, or even sitting in a bar. I’ll say to Lesley, ‘See that guy over there? Who does that remind you of? ‘ She often can’t see any resemblance until I say ‘he’s got so and so’s nose . .’ or eyes or whatever.’ It’s not a ‘skill’ I’m proud of, and it can be real nuisance; I can waste an awful lot of energy trying to think of who some bit-part actor in a TV cop series reminds me of . . .

PS for more ways of wasting time see next post 🙂