Technolust . . . . . .

Many years ago, (1984) I wrote an article for a UK magazine called ‘Sound on Sound’ which was about music technology… samplers, synths, digital recording. I coined, (I think) the word TECHNOLUST… the craving for new technology (insert ‘synth’,’camera’, software’ as approriate) which will make the difference between being OK and being a step up…. even, great and succesful!

Now I still have a Mac (two, actually . . . ), a digital studio, a smartphone, several digital cameras, etc. etc.; so I’m not anti-technology, but I always have with me ‘pen & paper’  normally a Moleskine with …. well, there’s the rub… I’m still suffering from some sort of technolust. I have a sufficiently large collection of pens and pencils etc to fill a small medium-sized shop. It’s still technolust. Just a different type.