Product Lust: Tom Bihn Field Journal up for grabs at Notebook Stories

It’s a terrible moment – the moment your psyche screams “I WANT ONE OF THOSE!!!”

Over at  Notebook Stories they have up for grabs a Tom Bihn Field Journal . and “I WANT ONE OF THOSE!!!”

I have to say that I had not heard of Tom Bihn bags until Xmas 2010: Lesley bought me a ‘Small Cafe Bag.’ which I have to say is fantastic.  (We are both confirmed luggage addicts)

It is lightweight practical and good to look at…. what more could you want?

Well quite possibly, if you’re a sketch/scribbler/journal keeper- you might want/crave/covet one of these: a  Tom Bihn Field Journal

It’s designed for the job: holding pens in pockets, paper and with a strap which makes it is easy to use standing up – if you have the patience to draw standing up, that is – I’m more of ‘sitting in a bar and drawing ‘ sort of person actually – but having a stylish, and practical way of carrying my technical requisites to the bar sounds good to me.!

Anyway if you go to this page you could win one: I don’t want you to go really ‘cos I want to win it. But as a Guardian reading liberal, I have an overpowering sense of fair play!! 🙂


Xmas day! Lesley bought me a bin bag for Xmas!!

It’s just what I wanted a bin bag – ir to be more precise a Tom Bihn bag: big enough for a paperback, small Moleskine, a selection of writing armaments, a phone and a slim wallet-i.e. virtually empty wallet! Well made, good design, light, and not a strip of Velcro insihgt..God how I hate that sound.

Meanwhile whilst I was stroking my new luggage Arhcie was enjoying the wrapping . . .

Lesley  also found this wonderful looking book on Alasdair Gray and Lesley’s son Ben bought me Keys to Drawing with Imagination by Bert Dodson, which I’m planning to work my way through in the New Year… it looks fantastic.

So hoping everyone else out there has been as lucky as me!

Nadolig Llawen!