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The Da Vinci Cod ?!

This was a piece on  Visual News -excellent site- the idea came form an artist who recreated famous book covers but with the tile missing one (vital) letter. I liked the idea so these are my efforts.booktitles024‘OLDFINGER’ – Ian Fleming talks about arthritis

‘TREE MEN IN A BOAT’ – Jerome K. Jerome’s hilarious story of lumberjacks on holiday

‘A TOWN CALLED LICE’ – Nevil Shute recounts life in a big city.

‘LAUGHTERHOUSE 5’ -Vonnegut in typically humourous mode.

Care to join in? Just one letter missing in the title.



Kurt Vonnegut’s philosophy?!

‘I tell you we are here on Earth to fart around, and don’t let anybody tell you differently!’

Kurt Vonnegut