Hinterland – the budget cut

Visited Aberystwyth for the first time in 44 years! Found my Auntie Kitty’s B&B and my Auntie Gwen’s farm where I met the wife of my Grandmother’s sisters grandson!!! Also got very wet and blown around in 70 mph winds! Met lots of friendly people – Great weekend!

Also visited Devil’s Bridge for the sake of authenticity …….

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February Challenge- 5 Divinity – – Uncle Dai and The Archbishop of Canterbury

‘Is there anyone, who can resist ‘Divinity’ ?” says today’s prompt.

Well, actually, yes . . . me . I’m not religious, probably due to being brought up in a family where Sunday meant three visits to chapel, no TV  etc . .but I do have some memories more pleasant memories. This is something I did for my Master’s degree. The tutor said it was very Dylan Thomas. What Welshman couldn’t take that as a compliment? We used to drink in the same pub as Dylan . . . . though some time had lapsed from his last visit to my first.

I actually posted this some time ago . . . . . but it was what sprang to mind. The only other possibility was the fact that I was at Dynevor Grammar School,  the same time as Rowan Williams, and though I didn’t know him, I often think about how different our lives have been. It is, in fact, one of the chapters in ‘My Imaginary lives.’ . . my graphic novel. In each chapter, the first statement is factual, the subsequent developments are pure conjecture . . . . .