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A completed project !

The internet is great for many reasons but there is nothing as good as seeing your work in print. This was featured in an article about Baer who designed the book and commissioned my drawings.


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It has been a while since I’ve posted– so long that I’d forgotten how to do t…. and the Mac had forgotten the password. I believe that the last time I posted the rock-combo known as the Beatles were experiencing some success, Carnaby Street was the cntre of fashion and Tiny Tim was an emerging star….. or maybe that was all some ‘post spicy food’ nightmare……


Welsh woman in high speed cheese incident . . . .

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My first (failed) attempt at a journal . . . .

And so I set off for Italy on my Yamaha XV535 -I mention the model, because a ‘serious’ motor biking friend of mine described it as a ‘hardly-davidson’– I felt suitably put down

It’s 1996, and I’m heading off to Italy alone on my motorbike – – but instead of writing my journal as I go, I take notes ready to ‘write it up’ later – which, of course, I never did.

I found the notebook – and it consisted of 17 (yes – I even gave up en-route) double page spreads with the left hand page containing increasingly sparse notes. I scribbled down the ones that made me recall some incident with a smile…. the waiter in Reigate cleaning the cork out of the wine bottle neck with his finger… the beautiful Bentley Continental on the motor-rail . . my scarf from the Moto Club of Malcesine (that’s meant to be a scarf) . . ravioli stuffed with pumpkins in Mantova . . . the unhelpful receptionist in Montalcino.


The Kafka-esque pain that is ‘virtual castration’ . . . .

I experienced a strange emotion in the last 24 hours— virtual castration . . .

First the mail forwarding on this blog ceased working. I checked the registering  company’s FAQ’s and contacted their support desk and they replied reasonably quickly. I did as they suggested then : the good news . . .and the bad news.

Mail forwarding now OK! Phew . . . .  BUT

Web forwarding not working so I am informed by technically competent friend—- doesn’t work in Explorer or Google Chrome. I sent message to WP support. I checked it on Safari and Firefox –  seesm ok; empty cache and still seems OK.


So I had to go out but after lunch I reset everything as far as I could make out . . . .  and it all seems to be working again . . . .   But the severity of panic was more frightening than the problem – – cut off from the ‘virtual world’ . . . I must get out more . . . .