Xmas arrives . . .

Yes the festive season is with us. Why do I say this?

The street decorations are already up!

The shops are full of seasonal stuff?

Nope it’s because snow has arrived on WordPress!



a little something. . .

Well, it’s the first of December, and it’s that festive time of year where we spend, eat and drink to excess. Mainly good fun but there’s the worry of buying presents what can we get for so-and-so? Here’s thought that doesn’t cost a fortune. This is RAM in a matchbox- or to be more precise MATCHBOOX- a company in Holland that produces miniature handmade books. They commissioned this book from me based on the column I did for a Dutch arts journal which in turn is based on my journals –  it’s a miniaturised version of this blog, in effect. It’s a lovely idea and I was delighted to be commissioned  to do this-  a delightful miniature Japanese-type book in a tiny presentation box

The Cost: including postage and packing-  and will be sent in a jiffy bag:

within Europe 8.00 euro; US and Canada 9 euro; Australia 10 euro.

A snip as they say: perfect stocking filler, or party favour; or a ‘little something’ . . . . .




Merry Xmas to my reader(s)!

Buon Natale!            Nadolig Llawen!            Merry Xmas!

From Rowland, Lesley, Archie and Missy!

Sketching Thoughts

Three wheels on my wagon . . .

I don’t know where the memory came from but a while ago I suddenly remembered a car I had owned a University. It was Berkeley T60.

And yes it had three wheels… It was powered by a 328 cc. engine. I was often terrified driving it as it was so small, I feared that truck drivers wouldn’t see me, but it was fun. I remember driving it to Swansea one Xmas. It had no heater. I was wearing seven layers of clothing and I was frozen senseless.

I eventually sold it after I had a crash in it. It had failed its MOT…. actually it never got to take it, as it threw a cog before the test. My room-mate J. J. T. Stobbs, towed me home, and in fit of utter stupidity he accelerated around the small grass roundabout in front on Tyntesfield, the house in Sale where we lived.  The car turned over, and I crawled out on my hands and knees. The windscreen struts had punched holes in the body and the screen when we turned the car over was at an angle of 30 degrees. The idiot could have killed me. For some reason, all I could do was laugh.


Xmas day! Lesley bought me a bin bag for Xmas!!

It’s just what I wanted a bin bag – ir to be more precise a Tom Bihn bag: big enough for a paperback, small Moleskine, a selection of writing armaments, a phone and a slim wallet-i.e. virtually empty wallet! Well made, good design, light, and not a strip of Velcro insihgt..God how I hate that sound.

Meanwhile whilst I was stroking my new luggage Arhcie was enjoying the wrapping . . .

Lesley  also found this wonderful looking book on Alasdair Gray and Lesley’s son Ben bought me Keys to Drawing with Imagination by Bert Dodson, which I’m planning to work my way through in the New Year… it looks fantastic.

So hoping everyone else out there has been as lucky as me!

Nadolig Llawen!