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Love it!!!!

A few words missing in this text– it was MORE than twenty years old when I bought it: and I’ve probably NOT put more than a dozen films throughout it. photo 2


Digital black and white

I have to admit I cheated slightly here by scanning the page in grey scale.

For those of you interested, the shots were taken on a Panasonic DMC-LX3.

Journal Photography Thoughts

Finishing the film and the TLR . .

Just came across someone raving about TLR’s and remembered that about a year ago I put a film into mine and still haven’t finished it . . . there’s a phrase you don’t hear these days. This is my Yashicamat 124-G-  -it’s beautiful to look at and it makes a wonderful click sound: and the crank handle to wind it on is truly engineering at its finest! In fact, I think I may draw it later on today . . .


Olympus TRIP 35

This was my father’s camera. Whilst I was developing my interest in photography, I persuaded my father to buy a Yashica rangefinder camera. I don’t think he really understood, why he needed one. He didn’t, but I wanted one. After I’d left home to go to university, the next camera he bought was a simple and classic  ‘point and snap’ Olympus TRIP 35. Funny that . .