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Monday morning is always Monday morning. To complete the scenario there has to be a ‘sign’ to confirm this. To fulfil this role, my Perfect Pencil – a modestly titled writing product from Faber Castell – leaped unaided from the bookcase performing a perfect dive into mug of, now cold, coffee which my considerate wife had brought me an hour earlier. Hmm.

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If not for me . . . .

This is a great book – beautifully written. And it inspired me to write this song.

‘If not for me…..’

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‘New Start, New Day’ by Rowland Jones

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The (lost?)beauty of language



In yesterday’s Independent, Simmy Richman was looking at how the British perception of queuing has changed. Apparently Aaron Gillies in his new book suggests that: ‘Get to the back of the queue, you prick’ as the modern response. But how much more comforting to read Guy Browning’s description of the British way  from his book ‘The British Constitution :first draft:

” In the event of a verbal warning failure, the queue is allowed to seethe with resentment accompanied with barely audible muttering.”

As British as it comes— but then what else could one expect from a man who is named after the leader of the  Dambuster’s from a family named after a gravy making ingredient?

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Jamencuz at Paciano


Italy-Italia Journal Life Music

Rowland Jones and the Young Reds at Baschi

baschi003Beautiful location ! More subdued music but still great fun. A young singer joined us for a couple of tunes, but she didn’t know the words to Summertime…. so she read them from Giacomo’s iPhone–iPhone/Autocue !!